Neetesh Jung Kunwar is one of the most popular and talented young musician in the Nepali music industry.

Neetesh was born in a musical family, his father being also a musician and an avid music lover who would play all sort of records to him, from Elvis Presley to Bob Marley, and John Fogerty. Thanks to his dad’s influence, he started playing the guitar as young as six, and soon knew music was going to have a big role in his life.

I recall spending a lot of lonely nights trying to work my way through old school gadgets in an attempt to record myself.” says Kunwar sharing his early struggles with the music industry.

After a few years composing and producing his music and uploading his tracks on YouTube, in 2017, with ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi’, Neetesh’s music started to get the love and the success he had hoped for and he suddenly became a star among Nepali young people.

Neetesh built his success with relentless work and a great love for music, independently from the commercial dynamics of the music industry. One of the best Nepali country musicians, he is a very prolific song writer, with more than 40 videos on his Youtube channel. His most popular one is “Flirty Maya” with more than 12 million views.

We met him last year at the Tuborg Open Fest in Kathmandu, in November. He headlined the event along Bipul Chettri, Laure and Diplo who collaborated with Tuborg Open in 2018, acclaimed by a sea of adoring fans.