Justatee and Phuong Ly are two of the biggest up-and-coming young artists in Vietnam today. They have collaborated on several occasions and have had great success with their R&B inspired music.

Justatee is an incredibly versatile and talented Vietnamese Producer, Singer, and past Director of the underground show ‘Young Music’. Justatee is originally from Hanoi where he started his music career in the Hanoi underground with a strong focus on the Rap and HipHop genre.

Later Justatee became more involved in the R&B scene and became one of the first artists to bring true R&B to Vietnamese music culture. Since then his music style has evolved into a mix of Rap, HipHop, and Pop but with a clear focus on R&B.

Phuong Ly is a Vietnamese singer from Ho Chi Minh City. She made her first big music debut in 2007 and since then Phuong Ly’s career has really kicked off and she is now a well known name in Vietnamese youth culture. Phuong Ly first debut was in the Dance Music genre, but she quickly changed into more Pop and R&B inspired music.

In 2017 Justatee discovered Phuong Ly and they have collaborated heavily ever since. They are always "Open to more" and both like to experiment with different ways of mixing genres like Rap, Pop and R&B. In their collaborations, you will often see them singing together but Justatee is a man of many talents and is also involved behind the stage, producing both his own music as well as several tracks for Phuong Ly.

The most recent collaboration between the two was the song ‘Crazy Man’ which was launched in October last year. Besides the catchy melody the song also caught on with the Vietnamese youth and attracted over 95 million views on YouTube. Vietnamese fans are now eagerly awaiting what is next from the two talents.

This August Justatee and Phuong Ly will come together for another exciting collaboration, this time together with the UK band Clean Bandit. Together they will experiment with different genres and create a new music track in the spirit of collaboration and being