Heyman's masterstroke

In 1888, the great Nordic exhibition for industry, farming and art took place in the centre of Copenhagen. Our founder Philip W. Heyman was already famous for his ingenious ways to brand Tuborg, but he had yet to make his masterstroke. So in 1888, he did.

Able to contain 1.5 million bottles of beer

Tuborg’s – and Heyman’s - contribution was a HUGE bottle that doubled as a viewing tower, using a hydraulic escalator to take visitors to the top. It was the first of its kind in Denmark, and it could contain a whopping 1.5 million bottles of beer. Quite impressive, wouldn’t you say?

100 years later, the bottle met its match

Alright. You’ve got your giant bottle. How do you create the perfect match for it? Well, you make a giant bottle opener, and that’s exactly what our friends at Carlsberg did to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Tuborg bottle. So in 1988, it was moved to the City Hall Square in the middle of Copenhagen, exhibited next to its giant bottle-opener counterpart.

Once the exhibition was over, the bottle was moved back to its home near the Tuborg headquarters where it still stands today.