Tuborg Open supports Smells Like Van Spirit

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Marten Berger (AKA Smells Like Van Spirit) is a record producer with a mission.

He has converted an old VW ice-cream truck into a mobile recording studio with solar panels on top and a small bed inside. In this VAN he is travelling Europe to find the most authentic street musicians of the continent, record their music and share their stories with you and the world.

The connective power of music has never been as important as it is today. That's why Marten wants to bring Europe closer together by sharing true stories of music making from every corner of the continent. And eventually, store these memories on a double vinyl album and a photo documentary book.

As a brand that has exploration and music at its core, we couldn't but love this idea and support Marten along the way. Follow his discovery journey with us.

You can follow Marten with the official #TBRGOPEN or on Facebook on YouTube and on his website

See the first recordings from the van.

Follow Marten and meet him along his journey:

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