Clean Bandit X Tuborg Open

tuborg open 2019

Tuborg Open, uses music as a platform to encourage people to be Open to More and break free from the bubble of what we know and we like.

In music terms, this is what we do when we put our playlist “on shuffle” and open up to the unexpected and to diversity.
This year Tuborg Open invites Clean Bandit and all their fans to go “on shuffle” around the globe, to discover and work with new artists and find new inspiration. The trio, whose ownmusical style fuses different genres including classical, pop and electro and have firmly established themselves as one of the most collaborative groups of all time, seems the perfect fit for the project.

"I think music is our greatest form of communication. Clean Bandit has always been kind of open to experimentations of different sounds. Finding new music today can be really hard. So we’re going on shuffle. We are really excited to get onboard with Tuborg and to travel to all these different countries, work with artists there and explore meaningful collaborations. We are completely open to where the music takes us".