How is beer made?

beer kettle
Welcome to the Tu-BOT! Have you ever wondered how beer is made?
I'm all ears.
At Tuborg we have been making beer since 1880 and we know a thing or two about brewing beer.
In 1880 we brewed the first pilsner beer in Denmark and we took it all over to the rest of the world. They loved it!
So, what about the beer?
How is beer made?
Let's start from the ingredients in beer. Why don't you try and guess?
Well done!
Well done you! I will give you the last beer ingredients or we'll be here forever...
We said malted barley, hops and yeast, brewer's yeast. And of course, water.
Let's get brewing!
Barley is a grain. To become fit for brewing it needs to be malted, which means getting wet, germinating and roasted.
Yeah - Or you lost it in the oven until you get malted barley: lighter or darker, depending on the type of beer you want to brew.
Hop is a plant. Its female stems produce this beautiful flower.
Did you know that Hop (hummus) and Cannabis are in the same family of plants? The Cannabaceae?
They are like very close cousins and yes, there have been many attempts at brewing with hemp, the THC free version of Cannabis...
Cannabis (hemp) and Hops
Yeast is a living organism. It is used in brewing to trigger fermentation.
Fermentation is a process where the sugar naturally contained in barley is transformed into alcohol. So no yeast, no beer.
Yeast rocks!